Welcome to Family Yoga Together


Hi and welcome to Family Yoga Together!


My name is Erynn and I've created this space to encourage you to explore yoga together with your family.


My husband Russell will be filming videos of me practicing yoga with our two-year-old son, Harlem. We both have full-time jobs and our toddler is prone to tantrums and distractions so we’ll see how things go, but I'm excited to start this journey with you.You can follow along by subscribing to our newsletters on the website’s homepage, or by subscribing to our Youtube channel, Instagram and Facebook pages.


Videos will be released weekly and categorized by movement, breath, meditation and yoga philosophy. I’ll also be  teaching workshops and pop-ups around Northern California's Bay Area where we live, so stay tuned. In the shop you’ll find yoga-inspired jewelry hand-made by my mom. There are also links to some of our favorite yoga products.  


I’ve been practicing yoga since high school, through my pregnancy, and mommy-and-me classes before Harlem started crawling. After going back to work I found it nearly impossible to get to a yoga studio without feeling guilty. I felt miserable. I missed yoga and time for myself. So I did something drastic. I threw myself into a 200-hour yoga teacher training program when Harlem was only a year old. I needed the structure and commitment to get back in the groove, something revolutionary. Thank goodness for my husband for agreeing to just another one of my crazy adventures. He supported me and cared for our baby while I went to trainings every Thursday night and every other weekend for 6 months. It was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself but also one of the hardest. There were lots of tears (from me and baby), strain, exhaustion, and times I wanted to give up. But out of the process I truly am changed.


I now have a strong home practice. I wake up early every day to get on my mat in my bedroom and practice before my son wakes up. I’ve created time and space to continue my love affair with yoga during this special phase in my life where I can’t get to a studio on a regular basis. I have the tools I need to teach my son the principles of yoga that I strongly believe in. I have the motivation and drive to share this with families and create spaces where yoga can become a family affair. I want to make yoga more accessible for busy parents. And I want to introduce yoga to kids so they can make it an integral part of their lives as they grow up.


Thank you so much for tuning in and for your support. Please let me know what you think, what you’d like to see, anything at all. I’m all ears.





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    Carol (Friday, 05 January 2018 18:21)

    What a great website! And love the idea of doing yoga together with your kids. It's hard to find someone to watch the baby to go to a yoga class so this is the perfect solution. Can't wait to see more!