Lavender Smell Meditation for the Family


Hi yogi families,


I want to show you the magic of getting your kid to lie still for a few minutes and  chill out! This is a simple meditation using one of our five senses- smell, and lavender aromatherapy. Lavender has calming and relaxing qualities that can ease any feelings of tension and also promote deep relaxation or sleep.


To make a lavender spray, get a small spray bottle (glass is best), fill it with water and add some drops of lavender essential oil. I filled mine about halfway with water and used 10 drops of Doterra lavender oil.


Spray the mist over your child as he/she rests. Encourage your child to breathe deeply. This should help them to become calm and can aid in relaxation. You can use this at nap or bedtime. This is also a good way to close a yoga session and have them stay still to soak up the practice.


Toddlers won’t be able to sit or lie for very long but you can introduce meditation early on. They will become familiar with the concept and gradually be able to stay still for longer periods as they become older. I was surprised by how readily Harlem wanted to lie down. Kids of all ages really do crave moments of rest. We took turns so he could try squeezing the bottle, which let’s be honest, was his favorite part.


For older children you can create a more elaborate visualization with the spray. Ask them to imagine a flower or a garden. Breathe in slowly, taking time to fill in the lungs and then exhale completely. How do they feel smelling this flower? Try having them hold still for one minute and gradually work up to 3-5 minutes.


For teens you can use this meditation as a way of anchoring them into the present moment. Ask them to let go of all their thoughts and worries for the time being and instead focus on the smell and how it feels to be in the now. You can spray the bottle over them a few times over the span of 5-10 minutes. And ask them each time to come back to this moment. You may want to consider using a diffuser instead of the spray bottle so you have a steady release of the oil. 


I encourage you to lie down as well and enjoy the lavender smell and model the deep breathing and relaxation to your child. Hopefully you can feel renewed and calm after practicing this with your family. I’d love to hear how it goes if you try it. Leave a comment below or email me at  familyyogatogether@gmail.com.




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