ABC Mindful Meditation for Kids

Hi yogi families,


This week I’m sharing a little technique I use with Harlem when he’s crying or having a tantrum.


I simply sing him the ABCs and trace the letters out on his back. By the time we get to Z, I want him to have stopped crying, and then we take 3 big breaths together.


Part of the effectiveness of this technique is that I stop whatever we’re doing and recognize that he’s having a difficult time. Being a toddler/kid/human is hard. Sometimes we all need a little break with a hug and deep breathing.


He’s become familiar with the drill and knows what’s expected of him. It’s a mindful meditation moment for both of us to feel grounded in the present. And then we can move on with the rest of our day, hopefully with a little more sanity.


For older children, you can use this technique without the tantrum ordeal. You can spell out a word on their back and have them try to guess what you wrote. You can play a game in a group, sitting facing each other’s back in a circle. The first person writes out a letter, then the next person silently guesses what it is and writes it on the next person’s back and so on, until you get to the end and reveal if the letter made it all the way through.


This exercise sharpens attention to physical sensation and calms the mind. Voila you have a simple meditation for kids.


Hope you get a chance to try it out. Let me know if it works!

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