How to Teach Kids Crab Pose

Crab pose or reverse table-top can be challenging for young kids, but it's worth starting early so that they can build up their strength! Since making this video, Harlem has gotten much better at holding the pose and will spontaneously call out crab and lift himself up into it. 



  • Start sitting with knees bent, feet flat on the floor
  • Place hands behind you with fingers facing your feet
  • Lift belly up
  • Parents can help lift by supporting child's back 
  • Hold for as long as possible, engaging the core, arm, and legs
  • Keep the head neutral or drop back
  • Drop the hips back down and curl over the knees to rest



  • Builds strength in the arms, legs, core, and glutes
  • Strengthens wrists
  • Opens up the heart for a front body stretch
  • Improves coordination


Games & Activities: 

  • Incorporate this pose into a beach themed class
  • Crab race to a finish line
  • Crab soccer game using goal posts and inflatable beach ball
  • Crab dance party

Most importantly, have fun!  

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