Dragon's Breath Inspired by Dragons Love Tacos

When teaching yoga to kids, it's helpful to be imaginative and a little silly. And also to use familiar concepts that kids can latch on to. 


This week's yoga exercise is inspired by one of Harlem's favorite books, Dragons Love Tacos. In this hilarious book, dragons breathe fire when they eat spicy jalapeno peppers. I used this image to encourage Harlem to breathe deeply, like he was a dragon breathing fire. 



  • Stand with feet together
  • Interlace all 10 fingers together and place under the chin
  • Inhale and slowly lift the elbows up and out to the side
  • Exhale with an HA sound and slowly tilt the head back
  • Repeat for 5 rounds of breath


  • Circulates oxygen to all of the body's organs and muscles
  • Deepens the breath and expands the lungs
  • Loosens the neck and shoulders
  • Helps focus and calm the mind


Hope you enjoy the video! 


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