Dinosaur Themed Kids Yoga

Hello friends,


It's been a while since I've had a chance to sit down and blog, much less make videos. But now that the summer is coming to an end and Harlem is back in school, I'm re-committing myself to creating original content for this page. 


As some of you know, since starting this website I've quit my full-time corporate job and taken several new jobs- teaching yoga and working in retail. My life got shuffled up quite a bit and I've been working non-stop while also trying to spend quality time with my son. Things are starting to settle in finally as I've gotten used to the flow. My dream is to open a family yoga center, but I'm still figuring out the kinks, working up the courage, and improving myself as a teacher in the meantime. The big picture is always on my mind, but I'm also trying to enjoy the moment. 


Teaching family yoga has its hits and misses. I'm realizing that practicing yoga with your child takes an enormous amount of patience and it's easy to just give up. But when a class resonates with a child and they walk away with a new tool for breath, movement, or mindfulness, I become convinced all over again how beneficial this practice can be for families. So I challenge myself every week to come up with fun, new, imaginative ways to introduce yoga to kids. 


And so we come to this week's dinosaur class. 


Harlem loves dinosaurs so I made this yoga session into a dinosaur lesson: warrior 1 for T-Rex, warrior 2 for Brachiosaurus, and triangle for triceratops. When I taught this class to older children, I also did a sun salutation flow with the poses, matching breath to movement. This was a little advanced for Harlem, so I filmed it without his participation. Though as you'll see in the video, he stuck close by.  


The cards that I'm using are the My First Dinosaurs Flash Cards


Additional Class Ideas: 

  • Child's pose = dinosaur egg
  • Breath of Fire = dinosaur breath
  • Mountain to Five Pointed Star = exploding volcano
  • Warrior 1 = Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Warrior 2 = Brachiosaurus
  • Warrior 3 = Pterodactyl
  • Side Angle = Stegosaurus
  • Triangle = Triceratops
  • Lizard Pose = What dinosaurs evolved into
  • 1/2 Splits = Crocodile
  • Eagle = Talk about how modern day birds evolved from dinosaurs
  • Crow
  • Savasana- Reflect on how dinosaurs come in all shapes and sizes. Each one is special and can do great things. Imagine seeing dinosaurs still living. 

Thanks so much for reading and watching. Stay tuned for more happenings for Family Yoga Together. 




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