Kids Mindful Eating Exercise

Here is a mindfulness exercise you can try with your kids, loved ones, or on your own, using the sense of taste. 


Simply pause and reflect on your food of choice. Notice how it looks, how it feels, how it smells. Then take some time to think about all the things that happened in order for your food to arrive in your possession. Thank the earth and people who helped to create your food. Then take a bite. Observe the taste slowly. 


This short and easy exercise increases gratitude and mindfulness.


Harlem and I tried this with a raisin and he liked it so much we've been doing it again and again. (He may also just really like raisins.)


Looking back at these videos after filming, I'm amazed by how attentive Harlem is, especially for being 3 years old. Kids yoga reminds me to slow things down and really focus my attention with him, to answer his questions, and give him the space to explore new things. 


Hope you give this a try!





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