Construction Vehicle Themed Yoga

I love using books as inspiration for planning kids yoga classes. One of Harlem's many favorite books is Mighty Mighty Construction Site, the sequel to Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site. In this yoga class we do corresponding yoga poses for each page. I had so much fun making up yoga poses for each of the construction vehicles. 


I've been teaching this sequence to group classes and even taught it to Harlem's preschool class of about 15 3-year-olds. They loved it! It was a little more challenging to do a one-on-one class with Harlem. Anyone else find that kids are sometimes most ill-behaved with their moms??


I'm ashamed to admit that these videos are often very difficult to film. I'm short on time and patience and Harlem is easily distracted. Which basically describes how most of our days are. There's a lot of editing of bribery and threats. Life with a toddler is not easy! And I'm learning every day. 



It's amazing to see how much Harlem's improved in his coordination over the past year. You can see in our crab pose video that he wasn't able to hold a reverse table-top just a few months ago. But check out his mighty flatbed pose now. 

Even though these videos are sometimes to painful to do, I know I'll look back on them with fond memories. Harlem's already grown so much over these last few videos. And I've learned so much as a kids yoga teacher and parent. I hope that Harlem is learning valuable lessons about his breath, body, patience, stillness and more through our yoga lessons. 


Thanks for watching and for your support. (And thank you Russell for putting up with me and Harlem, and filming/contributing to these videos.)




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