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Travel · 08/28/2018
Over the summer, we went "glamping" among the redwood trees in Sonoma County.

Family · 06/07/2018
In April we celebrated Harlem's 3rd birthday! He requested a Little Einstein's themed birthday, which is his favorite show despite the fact that it stopped running in 2009 and none of his peers watches it. We had the party with friends and family at Hap Magee Ranch Park in Danville on a sunny Saturday morning.

Travel · 04/25/2018
This is the story of the trip that has ended long-distance travel with our toddler. We recently traveled to the Midwest with my family to celebrate my parents' 60th birthdays and to visit my brother who moved out there.

Movement · 01/25/2018
This week we’re talking about tree pose. It took some prodding and bribing to get Harlem on to the mat but once he was in the pose, he was having a great time and didn’t want to stop doing yoga.

Breath · 01/18/2018
Choo-Choo, coming through this week with a tutorial on Conductor’s Breath for kids and parents. This breathing exercise releases tension and energizes. You can use it when your kid’s cranky or sluggish in the morning or after a nap. You can use it when you as a parent are feeling exhausted or burned out. After doing this exercise, you should feel refreshed.