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Meditation · 03/22/2018
Legs up the wall (or viparita karani) is a great way to restore yourself in a short amount of time. Doing this for a few minutes will make your body/mind feel like it's gotten an hour nap. Sign me up!

Movement · 01/25/2018
This week we’re talking about tree pose. It took some prodding and bribing to get Harlem on to the mat but once he was in the pose, he was having a great time and didn’t want to stop doing yoga.

Breath · 01/18/2018
Choo-Choo, coming through this week with a tutorial on Conductor’s Breath for kids and parents. This breathing exercise releases tension and energizes. You can use it when your kid’s cranky or sluggish in the morning or after a nap. You can use it when you as a parent are feeling exhausted or burned out. After doing this exercise, you should feel refreshed.

Meditation · 01/11/2018
Hi yogi families, I want to show you the magic of getting your kid to lie still for a few minutes and chill out! This is a simple meditation using one of our five senses- smell, and lavendar aromatherapy. Lavender has calming and relaxing qualities that can ease any feelings of tension and also promote deep relaxation or sleep.

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