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Breath · 09/06/2018
Here's a quick and fun breathing exercise, because who doesn't like blowing out candles?! (Real candles optional, though.)

Philosophy · 05/15/2018
Asteya means non-stealing. It means not taking things that don't belong to us. This can include physical objects and also encompasses time, resources, energy, and more. This moral tenet asks us to refrain from stealing from others, stealing from the earth, stealing from ourselves.

Movement · 03/14/2018
Crab pose or reverse table-top can be challenging for young kids, but it's worth starting early so that they can build up their strength! Since making this video, Harlem has gotten much better at holding the pose and will spontaneously call out crab and lift himself up into it.

Meditation · 03/05/2018
Studies have shown that sustained meditation practices can have amazing benefits for kids. In this sound meditation I use a Tibetan singing bowl and ask Harlem to stay still for as long as he can hear it ringing.

Philosophy · 02/22/2018
This week we’re back to talking about philosophy. Satya means truthfulness. It means to be honest in your thoughts, speech and actions.

Breath · 02/11/2018
This week I’m showing you a breathing technique I use regularly. Harlem’s too young to teach this to but I think it’s something all my adult readers could benefit from.

Philosophy · 02/02/2018
This week we’re talking about yoga philosophy and how to introduce the teachings to children. I’ve included a quick overview of yoga philosophy below. We’ll be exploring each limb in more detail on this site. In this week’s video we’re talking about the first yama, ahimsa, or non-harming. We can be non-harming by showing kindness and compassion to others and ourselves. I’m using a book called Garuda, the Eagle Who Soared with Ahimsa to talk about this with Harlem. The book is about...