Breath · 09/06/2018
Here's a quick and fun breathing exercise, because who doesn't like blowing out candles?! (Real candles optional, though.)

Breath · 04/11/2018
This week's yoga exercise is inspired by one of Harlem's favorite books, Dragons Love Tacos. In this hilarious book, dragons breathe fire when they eat spicy jalapeno peppers. I used this image to encourage Harlem to breathe deeply, like he was a dragon breathing fire.

Breath · 02/11/2018
This week I’m showing you a breathing technique I use regularly. Harlem’s too young to teach this to but I think it’s something all my adult readers could benefit from.

Breath · 01/18/2018
Choo-Choo, coming through this week with a tutorial on Conductor’s Breath for kids and parents. This breathing exercise releases tension and energizes. You can use it when your kid’s cranky or sluggish in the morning or after a nap. You can use it when you as a parent are feeling exhausted or burned out. After doing this exercise, you should feel refreshed.